Accountancy Around the mission of the annual financial statements, your NEW ACE accountant will assist you at all levels of your management and will work in:

  • Supporting entrepreneurs (operation budget and funding, assistance in obtaining financing, assistance in setting up the organisation of the company ...)
  • Monitoring and bookkeeping: Setting up a suitable operation of the company (total or partial outsourcing, provision of on-site employees or independent outfit)
  • Preparation of financial statements (annual accounts, periodic statements, dashboards, internal control procedures)
  • Outsourcing of accounting functions
  • Business restructuring
  • Specialised accounting tasks (consolidation, reporting and dashboards, Anglo-Saxon accounting)
  • Consulting assignments (management and organisation, financial engineering, fiscal monitoring ...)
  • Relations with the centres and the approved management associations
  • Support for international companies (monitoring of foreign subsidiaries ...)