Consultancy and Support

Consultancy NEW ACE is the partner of companies since its creation, in its development but also in the context of strategic, legal or financial restructuring. It provides interventions for all types of companies but also to the public sector.

Missions of Consultancy and support can take place in the context of other missions and audit expertise; they can also take assistance with project management during overhaul of study or implementation of information systems:

  • Assistance to the creator or buyer
  • Implementation of information systems
  • Research funding
  • Outsourcing the finance function, accounting or payroll
  • Implementation of management tools procedures
  • Flash diagnostic company
  • Cost reduction, optimisation overhead and productivity audit
  • Audit and consultancy (financial, social, economic, business, organisation, information systems ...)
  • IT consultancy
  • Development of strategy
  • Financial Engineering
  • Acquisitions Audits
  • Evaluations
  • Business Transfer
  • IPO
  • Legal and tax advice