Accounting and Management Consultancy

Outsourcing of accounting functions; Monitoring and keeping of accounts; Implementation of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards); Setting up consolidated accounts

Employment Law and HR Consultancy

Social audit; Preparation of payslips (payroll); Assistance from social agencies; Social assistance checks

Legal and Tax Advice

Advice and Assistance in the creation of business; Legal assistance to businesses; Tax returns for businesses, professionals and individuals; Assistance with tax audits; Intervention with tax authorities.

Legal Audit

Statutory audit in merger and shareholder contributions; Special missions; Judicial and minority expertise.

Contractual Audit

Acquisition audit; Audit procedures; Audit and internal control; Expertise in amicable settlement


Realisation and animation of seminars in Accounting; Internal audit and taxation.

Expertise and Consultancy Management

Preparation of projected financial statements (business plan); Financial evaluation of business and corporate securities; Business analysis; Restructuring assistance; Negotiation; Transfer and cessation of business.