Social Expertise

Social ExpertiseThe social legislation is complex and NEW ACE experts will guide you whatever the activities and the size of your business.

Social expertise is divided into three activities:

Administrative management of the personnel department

  • Contracts and Payslips
  • Preparation of social statements
  • Setting up staff representatives and monitoring bodies
  • Drafting of internal regulations, management of working hours
  • Incentive contracts, participation agreements
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Relations with the administration and assistance in case of the NSSF control or the labour inspector
  • Social Audit

Human management of staff service

  • Research and Staff recruitment
  • Setting up specific evaluation systems of staff
  • Audit and Organisation of function definitions
  • Drafting of business agreements, assistance in negotiating
  • Implementation of dashboards
  • Workforce analysis (structure / turnover)
  • Compensation, absenteeism (cost ...)
  • Continuing education (plan, follow-up)
  • Organisation chart
  • Social assessment

Specific missions

  • Optimisation of payroll taxes, incidental charges
  • Advice to the introduction of computerised systems of payroll service
  • Social compliance audits (assessment and action plans)
  • HR partnership with SMEs
  • Organisational consulting of service human resources